How Raine Evolved

My friend and I co-founded Raine Collective in 2019 to provide local, Deaf female and non-binary artisans from all walks of life a platform to sell their handmade products and give back to the Deaf community. At our core, we are passionate about empowering Deaf female and non-binary artisans while hoping to grow to be able to change some lives while we are at it. Some of our big ideas include starting a foundation/charitable giving program focused on Deaf female and non-binary youth.  
The name ‘Raine’ means queen, which is the central to our vision especially with our daughters being named Mia Lorainne and Rainey. 
There are only a handful Deaf female owned businesses out there, which is the main reason this business was formed. We are currently focusing on local makers in Austin for now; however, we do hope to eventually expand and include Deaf artisans from across the country.
Global pandemic hits. Small businesses being greatly affected. So many changes. The vision for Raine Collective adapted to move forward in a different direction. Thank you for your continuous support during this most difficult and challenging circumstances.
What a journey! Raine Collective has evolved since day one. It started as a collective of deaf makers until the pandemic hit in 2020, which completely shifted and impacted people's lives and businesses. Priorities have changed, but love and support from every customer has not. The amount of gratitude that I feel for each and every one of you goes beyond words.
To start anew and to bloom, I am currently the solo maker for Raine Collective and I am excited to bring you all along with me on my journey through 2022 and beyond.