Raine Maker

Hey, thank you for stopping by here! I'm Brooke. 
To learn a little about me-- I am Deaf as is my family with three children and my husband who comes from a multi-generational Deaf family (he is the 4th and our children are the 5th). Yes, we all communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). We also have two rescue dogs to keep our household lively and can tell you that there is never a dull moment in our home. I have been a stay-at-home mom since my firstborn (who is now 6) and am now figuring out how to balance my schedule as a mom and a new self-made business owner. I am still learning the ropes as I go! 
I have lived in Austin since 2009 and this city’s ambience has inspired me to express my inner creativity to design and build. I first started by sewing scarves and clutch purses. After polishing my handmade skills, I was encouraged to elevate my potential and open my own shop to design and create earrings and more! That was when Raine + Co (later rebranded as Raine Collective) was born. My long term goal for Raine Collective is to become a one-stop shop with curated products from other Deaf makers while giving back to the Deaf community. 
Thank you always for your support and I hope you will enjoy checking out our collections.